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Swarm removal


We do not offer swarm removal any longer, however the New Jersey Beekeepers Association maintains a list of beekeepers willing to help you.

If you are looking for a pest management company,  we recommend: Kozmic Pest Management, LLC.



Honey bee structure removal


We are referring to the Beeman for honey bee structure removals when the job is possible without too many damages and when security will not be jeopardized. Call 908-730-0830 or 908-797-0562, for an estimate.







Beekeeping presentation


We believe that educating the public about bees and beekeeping  is one  of the beekeeper's critical missions. This is why we had dedicate a lot of time to meet this goal. please contact to make arrangements.

Honey bees and other bees.


Click on the bee to perfect your knowledge.  

Nature's sweetener.


Did you know that honey adds a special touch to almost any recipe? It’s the whisper at a party. It’s your secret ingredient with endless possibilities.

Many people think of honey as a drizzle in desserts or a topping for toasts. But now more than ever, honey is being recognized as a versatile ingredient and pantry staple in the kitchen. All-natural honey gives your recipes unbeatable flavor and unmatched functional benefits. From balancing flavors to providing moisture to baked goods, one-ingredient honey performs a slew of tasks, all from one little bottle.