Honey Bees

2020 packages arrived on April 7th

We have no more package for sale.

Thank you for cooperating with The NJ Department of Agriculture Bee Inspection Program.

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture's Division of Plant Industry protects the pollination needs of the fruit and vegetable industry by ensuring that the honey bee population, both native and migratory, is free of injurious honey bee pests and diseases. The Division requires control actions when contagious diseases and pests are detected. This year you can check a box if you want your bee yard information to be shared with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Office of Pesticide Control solely for the purpose of requesting that you be notified, pursuant to NJAC 7:30-9.11, when certain pesticide applications are made near your bee yard/yards. This will take the place of beekeepers registering on the DEP pesticide control program. If you do not update this information you will not be included on these lists.

Watch those two video on how to install bee packages