Opening hours:



 Friday to Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.


However, because Nature is unpredictable, we sometimes have to change our schedule and go working  the bees in the fields. It is recommended calling before coming to make sure someone is at the farm.



Bee Farm Tours, For group of 10 and by appointment only.


A tour of our bee farm takes around an hour, depending of how curious you are and how many questions you ask.

Tours explain what is a beehive made of and what is a colony of honey bees, following by a tour of the bee yard, an explanation on how honey is extracted and beeswax harvested. 

We do tours for groups as little as 10 to groups of 25 people, However big is the group, you have to take an appointment.

Because honey bees are sensitive to perfumes, we recommend using a minimum before visiting.


Tours are only from May to September.